The Studio


We're located in the heart of De Besturing, with a lot of workspace surrounding our small office. Working alongside the colored multitude of furniture and product designers, an inventor and a brewery. We're also keeping close ties with the architects, writer, photographer, textile designers and artists working in and around the raw studio complex. This provides us with a lot of possibilities and techniques to execute our concepts and ideas.

Silk Screen workshop

Adding to the myriad of techniques housing in De Besturing, we're sharing a screen printing workshop underneath our office, allowing us - and others - to carry out one off prints and limited edition publications.


Right in front of our studio lies a 400m2 concrete floor which provides us with all the space we need to create our work, whether we need a quick pop-up photo studio or when working with raw materials.

Music Studio

Before we dedicated our lives to graphic design, we've been playing in bands - together and separately, and - occasionally - still do. So we decided to built our own rehearsing room.


WE-ARE-AMP is Tim Heijmans and Moniek Ellen, a creative studio established in 2011. In 2012 we set up shop in "De Besturing", a cultural breeding ground in the inland port of The Hague.

We believe in exploring the boundaries and possibilities of traditional graphic techniques, spatial design, new media and web design. With a strong DIY attitude WE-ARE-AMP is rooted in conceptual and experimental graphic design in commissioned and self–initiated projects.

This website will show you finished products and will also present sketches and making off's - showcasing our approach and methodology.


We believe that a powerful idea transcends a fixed style and is not restricted to a single manner of execution. Through our do-it-yourself practice we maintain an inventive toolkit with which we shape our ideas through process and progress. We're a concept driven design studio.

We're always keeping an open perspective and new contexts to put our designs in. Through powerful imagery and association we aim to come up with a design that is layered and has a perpetual quality, which stay in the mind of the observer.